Sunday, May 9, 2010

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Northren Lights....$45/10
White Widow........$55/10
Purple Haze........$55/10
Big Bud............$55/10
BC Mango...........$30/10
Island Delight.....$40/10
Afghan Kush........$40/10



New marijuana growing information web resource launched
today by Informative, funny and useful.
Lots of info and tips on cannabis growing and marijuana.
Links to websites with marijuana seeds for sale, vertical
gardens, cheap discount hydroponic equipment and grow
lights for sale in Montreal and Canada. Hydroponic growing
techniques and methods discussed on this site in great

Section of the site with maps i found to be
exceptionally useful!!! You can find there maps
of many areas of Quebec and Ontario in
satellite photography format, with notes on land
quality and human traffic
conditions attached to them, as well as descriptions
from people who actually saw these places live with
their own eyes.

You can order satellite photos of any area in the
world you like in jpeg format.

This feature can save you LOTS of time and efforts
in your search for a good region for you little

Check it out this season before you go planting, it
will help you harvest juicy pungent heavy resinous buds
your very first season:-)
Happy growing folks!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fresh batch of Marijuana seeds including White Widow seeds and marijuana Skunk seeds
as well as purple Haze and Northern lights are now available from

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Marijuana Seeds Canada

New vaireties of marijuana strains are available for sale in Montreal.
Cannabis seeds montreal seedbank at now also offers
Purple haze and White Widow seeds for sale in Montreal.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Purple Haze cannabis Seeds Montreal

New addition to our seedsbank:

Purple Haze Marijuana seeds for $45/10 cannabis seeds.
Check out our website for other varieties available.

Monday, May 11, 2009

marijauna seeds canada worldwide shipping

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Hydroponic Marijuana, New Advanced Hydroponic Growing Method, EcoSystem, Vertical gardening

Vertical Hydroponic Gardening is by far the single most efficient commercial marijuana growing
method out there. Eco System was one of the first to offer this revolutionary technology to
the cannabis growing market. The principle is rather simple:
Instead of using horizontal surface for marijuana cannabis production, the plants grow fro
vertically positioned walls, which in turn stand or rather - wrap around one light source.
The result is an area of 64 square feet all covered with the Sea Of Green and wrapped around
one - ONLY ONE 400W or 600W light bulb with ALL plants in the system
being equidistant to the light bulb.

Vertical Hydroponic Systems are used to grow marijuana using Sea Of Green method (SOG),
which is short cycle cannabis production technique. In SOG cuttings are vegetated for
only a few days and flowering cycle begins when they are no larger than 6 inches.
Result is large quantity of short, thick flowering cannabis marijuana plants in 60-80
days from start to heavy pungent and rich resinous harvest $$$$$$$$$$$$
Scoundrel Seeds is a Montreal based Canadian marijuana cannabis seed bank.